Projects & Skills


Project Management versus Skill Set. One cannot work without the other(s)

Over the many years I have worked for multiple companies under different job titles. All of the positions have been that of Project Manager. Whether it was taking on and executing every aspect of a project myself or working with other departments or agencies to realise the project at hand. My insight, people skills and creative thinking always got me and the project to where it had to go.

Within a Project scope I am happily required to put some if not all of my skills to work like:

  • graphic design,
  • interior design,
  • packaging design,
  • art direction 
  • visual communication
  • print & production

Being able to execute all these skills myself enables me to also clearly communicate with external or internal stakeholders in order to complete a project.

All skills are equally interesting to me. Each skill set helps me to better understand and execute any steps required within a project. Whether it is a practical hands on approach or delegating different aspects of a project to external stakeholders. The thrive and motivation remains the same.

Examples of some of the projects I have worked on:

  • Levi Strauss EU Tailorshop
  • Levi Strauss EU Outlet
  • Etnies Showroom Munchen
  • Foot Locker & Adidas