Bio – all about me



Taking the time to put yourself under a microscope aint easy but I will try to give you a sneak peak into .. ME .. so here we go.

Who am I?

A wonderess, creative and social person with a variety of life and work experiences under my belt.

Born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 1972 as the son of two entrepeneurial parents, with an older sister. From an early age on my brain was stimulated and set free to develop  my creative mind.

I will not drag you through every major life experience and loose your attention along the way. What is important to know is that I have been building my life around creation, organisation and achieving the goals I set for myself at the early age of 10.

Running through my 20’s it was all about experiencing my capabalities, learnings and growth. 

My 30’s were all about ambition, practising what I had  learned and ticking off the boxes on my life goals thus far. Moving up in promotion, buying my very first house, expanding my knowledge and dealing with life’s set backs to ensure further growth.

My 40’s, are all about focus, teachings, learnings and doing what I do best … Taking on projects, big and small, with all my expertise and so called know-how. Both professionally and privately with all the confidence that comes with this era.

To sign off I will show my vulnerability by saying, I am a fair yet stubborn person, I am sensitive on the inside yet tough as nails on the outside, I am social yet privately withdrawn, I am creative yet analytical ... I know this sounds like an impossible combination yet there I am … In other words a contradition in life that works very well.

When you bring me on board you will have all of me. I will put it all on the table, giving my best to the cause, person, company or project. 

I am “A ray of sunshine”  so I’ve been told. But I will leave that up to you, my future employer, client or friend to find out yourself.

Yours truly

Danny Zeegers